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Cables Testing lead trainer

Mr. Trajko Simonovski

Retired former Cable testing Team leader in EVN with 40 years extended experience in cable fault location

A cable expert that has devoted his entire life to cable testing, finding more than 1000 cable faults per year in his 42 years career he has solved more than 50 000 cable problems. In the past 40 years has gained knowledge and expertise through trainings, courses, work experiences and workshops.


Meet our experts

Protection and substation testing lead trainer

Mr. Predrag Stankovikj

A relay protection testing expert Senior protection & Commissioning engineer. Contracts completed successfully between years 2015 and 2020 for INP Switzerland, include: Commissioning of Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant Alon Tavor 70 MW in Izrael, performed all C Phase Tests of Independent Power Project to be accepted by System Operator before starting commercial operation, for Siemens Austria, from July to August 2019. Commissioning of Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant Shijiazhuang 2x400 MW in China, all axillaries, stationary batteries, AC & DC distribution, generator protection for gas turbine, for Siemens Germany, from November 2017 to July2018. Commissioning of Siemens Combined Cycle Power Plant Sikalbaha 225 MW in Bangladesh, all axillaries, stationary batteries, AC & DC distribution, protection and synchronization, for Siemens Germany, from August 2016 to April 2017. Commissioning of Siemens Switchgear on Shell’s FLNG Prelude project in South Korea, for Siemens Germany, from October 2015 to June 2016.

Meet our experts

Transformer Testing and rotating machinces Testing

Authorized Megger trainer for Macedonia Filip Rzharov with 25 years of experience in testing and training

What do we do?

Power View is a specialized company for distribution, manufacturing and design of monitoring equipment and software. The company was established in 1998 and started as a specialized company for the distribution of a monitoring and Electrical test equipment and software and a regional distributor of the biggest manufacturers of Substation measuring and monitoring equipment such as: Megger, Tettex, Haefely, Vaisala, Morgan Schaffer, Iris Power, Power Diagnostix, Enervac, Gossen Metrawat etc., for the Macedonian market, Vaisala, Enervac, NYNAS for Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro and a regional representative for the complete Balkan region for ENERVAC

The core business of the company is the design, installation, and sale of specialized monitoring equipment High voltage elements such as generators, substations, circuit breakers as well as testing equipment for high voltage facilities. Our clients list includes all larger energy sector companies (transmission, distribution, electricity generation) in Macedonia, such as EVN, ESM, MEPSO, TE-TO, Faculty of electrical Engineering etc. Until 2022, the company is mainly present on the domestic market. Regional training center and a service center act as part of Power View.